The path of most resistance is fortunately as rewarding as it is arduous.

“Do what you love, love what you do” my grandmother said to me while making me a batman costume out of discarded fabrics. This moment stands out to me because what we created that day was so much more than the sum of the fabrics and thread that it was made from.

This has come to represent my purpose as a designer. I see it as my job to build a world that is slightly better than the one that currently exists for someone that isn’t me. I do this by studiously shaping and repurposing existing technology, tools and objects into something purposeful, helpful, and beautiful.

I do this simply and uncerremoniously by listening to people, understand their problems, and doing my best to help them through any means necessary.

Sometimes the process is messy and long, but it is rarely uninteresting. The path of most resistence is fortunately as rewarding as it is arduous. Every day I learn something new about the world and every day I grow as both a human and contributor to this world.

Like Myrabell, it is my hope that one day I will also be able to take those discarded fabrics and turn them into something impactful and beautiful for someone, if even for a brief moment.


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